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Each BushyTale Educational Pack is personalised,

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BushyTale Educational Packs are filled with educational adventures and the main theme of BushyTale Educational Packs are nature, animals, plants and conservation. BushyTale Educational Packs are emailed or posted monthly and your child will receive his/her own personalised envelope in your inbox or post box. Bushytail and his animal friends encourages children in a playful manner to learn about and care for animals, birds and plants. Each component of the BushyTale Educational Pack has a unique and exciting approach. Children are encouraged to write and interact with Bushytail and soon he will be their best friend!

BushyTale Educational Packs enhances communication, expands vocabulary, improves knowledge, broadens horizons, stimulates imagination and makes children feel special.

BushyTale Educational Packs includes age appropriate activities and are ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.


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Bushytail is so popular! All the kids are talking about him!

Where did the adventure begin?
"It was a hot day in the bushveld, not a cloud in sight. With just a glimpse of his backpack and tail, Bushytail disappeared behind a bush. He was on his way to see his friend Putamo the hippo, who recently learned a lesson about bullying. Suddenly he heard loud snoring in a nearby Marula tree. Bushytail knew that it was Mapuru, the slithery rock python. He tip-toed pass the tree.
At the waterhole he was surprised to see so many of his friends. Tula the giraffe was eating from the thorn trees on the side of the dam. Shonga the male lion was slowly approaching, whistling a tune. He seemed to be very lazy today.
Bushytail sat down under a shady tree and took out his notebook and pen. He had so many secrets and stories to share."
So, that is how it all started. Bushytail loves to share all his adventures and secrets with kids around the world. He writes letters to kids sharing all his adventures and amazing bush secrets hidden in tiny envelopes. He captivates kid’s imagination (and sometimes the adults’ too). Stories about his animal friends will become part of the bedtime routine. The bush camp workbook is packed with fun and the kids will earn rewards when they send it back for Bushytail to see. He loves receiving letters and pictures from kids and will jump to find answers to their questions.



A BushyTale Educational Pack will bring your child all of this and more.

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25 January 2016


Available in Afrikaans

Bushytail praat ook Afrikaans

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A new BushyTale story every month will complete your child's storytime. Our stories contain interesting facts on animals and nature, and life lessons.

A new BushyTale story every month will complete your child's storytime. Our stories contain interesting facts on animals and nature, and life lessons.
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