A Story for the December Training, November 2010
For the December 2010 training, Karen Randall took up the challenge to write a story especially for the training. The theme was "insects". This is what Zani Kunz, CEO of Children Eco Training had to say about the story, "The discovery of insects" : "I love it love it love it! Thank you!"
Story time in the bushveld, August 2010
Each BusyTale Educational Pack contains a unique, fun-to-read BushyTale story. Exciting facts about the bushveld animals are captured in the stories and all stories contain little life lessons especially for children. The story about Putamo the Hippo lets children know that it is not ok to bully and that you can stand up for yourself no matter how small you are. Shani the Lion teaches children that everyone is special and Ganga the Baboon does not always have to win to make his Dad proud. The funny story of Lomo the Kori Bustard will teach children about some animal's bazaar habits and little Aba the Elephant soon learns that you need to respect your friends. Children will love the variety of BushyTale children’s stories!

Colouring competition, June 2010

It is school holiday time! BushyTale added a little topping to a local pizzeria's menu this holiday. An exciting colouring competition featuring the all popular BushyTale cast - colour Shonga the lion, Mapuru the rock python, Naila the leopard and many more and the kids could win. And the spice - send us your unique number received from La' Pazzo and we will upsize your child's prize, should he or she win! Visit La' Pazzo Pizzeria in Hoedspruit.


Upcoming school holiday, May 2010

With the long school holiday now quickly closing in, a local lodge in Hoedspruit ordered 10 colouring books and 10 activity books, complete with their lodge logo on the frong page. They are ready to keep the little visitors happy. What about your lodge? Let BushyTale help you to keep the kids busy.


Kids Play Time - Kruger Park Times, April/May 2010

When Lynette Strauss from the Kruger Park Times approached Karen Randall to compile the "Kids Play Time" page for the Kruger Park Times, she jumped at the great opportunity to be involved and had lots of fun! The page consists of a "I spy with my little eye"-game, a colouring page, a maze and a story explaining Bio-Diversity to children. This edition of the Kruger Park Times was also distributed at the yearly Tourism Indaba in Durban.


Facebook Page, April 2010

Check out BushyTale's Facebook page everyday and talk with us about nature. Simple click on the Facebook icon on our Homepage, we would love to hear from you!


juniorMAG, Autumn 2010

Check out BushyTale's feature ad on page 27 of the Autumn edition of juniorMAG. BushyTale is taking KwaZuluNatal by storm. Keep your eyes on your postbox, kids!


Lodges, take note, March 2010

BushyTale specializes in activities to keep young visitors entertained. While the adults are on holiday and in great need of finding some quiet time to rest, the young ones have lots of energy - they want to explore. BushyTale has specific products to entertain the young visitors, while they learn more about nature and animals, while having lots of fun. We have a wide range of products from colouring and activity books to board games. Our one of a kind BushyTale story pack will be a winner! We personalise the products for your lodge. Lodges, take us on! We are ready for the holidays!


Home Business Magazine, December 2009 - February 2010

Karen Randall features in the latest issue of the Home Business Magazine - "A home business comes with loads of freedom - freedom to manage your own time, freedom to be your own boss, freedom to do something you are passionate about and freedom to learn everyday. Take that freedom and run with it."


Kids love BushyTale, 30 November 2009

BushyTale visited Eco Children Training on 30 November 2009 to attend their first prize giving of the year. Eco Children Training acquired BushyTale products (colouring book, puzzles, WildWays trump cards, etc.) to include in their prizes. The kids just loved BushyTale.


BushyTale is on the GO, November 2009

BushyTale joined the "SA Kids on the Go" family. The website was created for South African parents, teachers and visitors to find all necessary information during the children's growing up years.


A Tittering of BushyTales, October 2009

BushyTale is proud to announce their latest product - a Tittering of BushyTales. This product was especially designed for families.


2009 Standard Bank / your family 'Mompreneur' Competition, September 2009

Karen Randall entered the competition for Mompreneur of the Year 2009. Her competition entry was chosen to feature in the September issue of the 'your family'. Page 116 reads : "Bush Business. Karen Randall combines her love of nature with her creative talents in a run-from-home business."


2009 Standard Bank / Living and Loving 'Mompreneur' Competition, September 2009

Karen Randall's competition entry for Mompreneur of the Year 2009 also features in the Living and Loving, September issue. Page 118 reads : "Nature's teachers. Living in the Bushveld inspired Karen Randall to teach children about the wonders of nature and the importnace of life skills."


Growing FAST, July 2009

BusyTale is growing, fast! We have recently implemented the greatest technology in the form of software to help create an accurate workflow. The software was developed especially for BushyTale.


Bringing the bushveld to Durban, June 2009

BushyTale now features on the dynamic website MomsMatter, a resource directory for Moms & their families, Durban and East London. Bushytail can now share his secrets with the kids in Durban. Keep your eyes on your postbox!!


Children Eco Training, 10 April 2009

"Karen Randall, the creator of BushyTale wrote a special article for the training with the focus on self worth and self respect. She paid a visit to the training and also had an interview with the trainers to get more "bush tales".

Klasserie Newsletter, Zani Kunz